Ultimately the idea behind having an eventful wedding is to relive its memoirs for years, but also to give your guests something to keep talking about for a long time.

Truthfully, any wedding that can be forgotten in a hurry isn’t truly worth it—did we just say that? Well, technically you are already married, but your wedding should have a goal. If all your wedding seeks to do is tie the nuptial know before friends and family, would you really say it was memorable?

People attend weddings all the time, and hear vows being taken. So your goal should be how to get every guest hooked to the events that happened at your wedding, so much so that they can’t help replicating it as well. That’s what impact is called—and that’s what the goal of your wedding should be!

But how do you create a wedding that is spectacular? This would obviously demand your creativity by thinking outside the box and adding more sauce to a wedding you may have attended. But here are a couple of things we have found out that could make your wedding outstanding.

Do you want to hear it? Ok. Then let’s jump right to it!

Keep your Event Brief

Have you ever attended a wedding event, and you literally start praying for it to end? Oh…yea. Events like that will be memorable for sure-- but not in a good light. You surely aren’t thinking of a wedding that guests would remember as boring or way too long, so keep it brief. In planning your wedding, remember the rule of thumb that less is much; hence keep guests hungry for more instead of crying that they have become bored.

Create a Personalized Wedding Program

This is one way to grasp the attention of your guests. There are always wedding programs in every event, but the ability to be creative about your program schedule can truly make your wedding stand out. How about changing the conventional program line-up for weddings, and introducing your own unique style?

You could think of a scenario where instead of the father and bride dance, you introduce bride and brother dance or something out of the conventional arrangement, and you can bet it will keep guests talking for a long time.

One way to create memorable events is to do things differently from what others do—it’s the one way to stand out.

Make Guests Feel really special

Every one never forgets in a hurry how you make them feel, and that includes how they are treated at a wedding. Some couple makes the mistake of ignoring some guests and giving special attention to others—for various reasons.

Listen if there is anyone you know cannot command your attention in your event, it’s best to leave them out of the invite. But you owe it to every guest present to feel at home because technically you are their hosts.

Guests will not forget in a hurry how despite the celebrity that flooded your wedding, you still took time out to get personal with each of them.

Have an Overall Manager

It’s almost tempting to think that since you have catering services outsourced; all your clients will be properly taken care of. But what if these guys just couldn’t perform and some of your guests are not properly tended to? This is a huge possibility, and there’s nothing more memorable for a person than the fact that they were left hungry or untended to. And you seriously don’t want that to be the experience of your guests.

We urge you to have someone manage your outsourced services, and be your eyes in making sure all your guests are well tended to. And if possible, have your own backup refreshments available in case your catering service goofs.

In conclusion

Weddings are events that should outlive time, and it is very possible to achieve. The first thing is to have a goal for your wedding, and you will find out that every single planning will be geared towards reaching that goal-- it’s one way to have a truly memorable wedding; both for you and your guests.

Is your wedding just around the corner? We urge you to begin to think about ways to create your own event, and make it special. To be different would require that you are prepared to be criticized, but let your goals keep you pressing on.

All the best!