It is no news that marriages are crashing with ease nowadays, and most times the issue is stemmed from couples getting it all wrong from the onset. Hence, one of the services we offer our clients are pre and post marital counseling.

For us, this service is as vital as the weddings being planned for. During these counseling sessions, we have been privileged to salvage some relationships that were clearly headed for doom even though the intending couples were already planning for weddings.

During our counseling sessions with intending couples, we try to establish some fundamental truths about the marriage institution. Most times, we find out the information we reveal are alien to these intending couples, and we urge them to kiss their relationship goodbye if it will lead to a marriage that will come crashing.

Usually, couples are better armed and even inspired to make their marriages work in spite of the challenges they may encounter along the way—that knowledge that there may be challenges; rocky ones in marriage, but patience and persistence in pushing through is the way out has often encouraged couples to stay connected in marriage.

We urge you to consider our marriage counseling sessions if you are planning to walk down the aisle anytime soon, as it promises to be an eye opener. Our counselors are experts in their field with loads of experience in the marriage institution. The experience they have garnered from tending to would-be couples and their experience in the field of marriage often come in handy as they counsel.

As you plan to walk down the aisle, the import of counsel before you say I do shouldn’t be treated with levity; you have never been married before and assuming you know how it works could be one reason your marriage may come crashing.

This service will cost you little or nothing, and you can be sure to be in the best of hands. Your session with the counselors are strictly confidential, so you can feel free to open your hearts, and share your deepest fears with them, and be sure to receive the right counsel for marriage.

If you crave information that will keep you married and guidance that promises to keep you on course, then we urge you to be a part of our counseling sessions. You would be stunned at how much you would discover when you dare to embrace this service.

The testimonials that have emanated from these sessions will leave you teary we bet you. And we are committed in making sure that every single couple that we plan their wedding gets empowered with the right information needed to soar high and far in marriage—and with our commitment to this process, we are sure to make it happen.